Churod Europe

EV/battery charging relays (DC)

  • CHC-L
    63A-90A; SPST-NO; Aux contact; Latching
  • CHMR
    0.1A@1000VDC; SPST-NO; Reed relay
  • CHPV
    20A~350A@1500VDC; SPST-NO-DM; Aux contact
  • CHDR1
    20A-50A, SPST-NO-DM, Switching to 600VDC
  • CHDR
    100A-150A, SPST-NO-DM, 60VDC
  • CHDR-L
    80A-125A, SPST-NO-DM, Latching, Switching to 80VDC
  • CHDC
    200A-400A, SPST-NO-DM, Switching to 80VDC
  • CHEV-P
    100A-250A, SPST-NO-DM

Battery Pressure Sensor

  • - Mounts in battery pack to sense thermal runaway
  • - Low power draw standby modes
  • - CAN or PWM programmable types available
  • - Quick response, high reliability
  • - Good signal quality
- Automotive grade - FuSa capable